You will leave smiling! Grow with others and open yourself to seeing the world in an entirely new dimension.


You will feel accomplished! You will be challenged with beneficial exercises and drills each and every class.


You will feel capable! Hone physical abilities that you can USE.

Our goal is to build a community that you can be excited to be a part of!

What parkour offers that most disciplines do not is an insight into the very basics of movement. Whether you are a star athlete, cross-training from a separate discipline, or just beginning your fitness training, there is something in parkour for you.



Come recapture what it means to play. Play is a skill that diminishes with age, but it can be re-kindled if you choose to view your surroundings as a playground again. Parkour is a fun way to learn functional fitness; fitness that you can USE. You'll walk away from these classes knowing a lot more about both your capabilities and your potential for growth!

Classes for 2017 are in the works! Keep up to date on our plans at our Facebook Page - Ascend Parkour.


What is Parkour?

In a nutshell, parkour is a discipline of movement that focuses on self-improvement through creative use of the practitioner's surroundings.
There are a few main ideas that make parkour stand out from other physical disciplines and sports, and you can learn more by viewing our Core Values

Do I have to be in shape to start learning parkour?

Absolutely not! Parkour is for ANYBODY! Anybody of any age, gender, or fitness level can learn parkour. I know parkour videos on YouTube are dominated by young, athletic-looking males. In reality this is NOT the case. The truth is that parkour is a fantastic tool for getting INTO shape! Scranton Parkour will help you set realistic goals and encourage you to achieve them in fun and fulfilling ways!

Is parkour safe?

Parkour is one of the safest physical activities around.
Let's compare parkour injury with other sports.

  • Football - 8 injuries per 1000 hours of training. The most common injuries are muscle strains and ligament sprains.
  • Soccer - 12 injuries per 1000 hours of training. The most common injuries are muscle and ligament strains in the legs.
  • Rugby - 12 injuries per 1000 hours of training. The most common injuries are leg, head, and neck injuries.
  • Parkour - 5 injuries per 1000 hours of training. The most common injuries are cuts and scrapes. With the precautionary measures taken by Scranton Parkour, the frequency of injury will be reduced even further.

I am a girl. Can I do parkour?

The answer is an unequivocable YES!
An unfortunate effect of the internet, the media, and the portrayal of parkour "competitions" is that parkour is geared towards males. This is NOT the case.
Every human has a potential they can reach, and one of the major goals of parkour is to strive towards your own personal potential. There is no gender-divide in the goals of fun, a sense of community, and self improvement.

Our Core Values

Perseverance Courage Humility Integrity

Traditional sports end at the sound of a buzzer, a certain score is reached, or when the opponent taps out. In parkour, the game never ends. With even occasional training and dedication, parkour's Five Core Values become part of your everyday life.


A parkour practitioner has no adversary or opponent to focus on. The only tools you need are the shirt on your back and a pair of shoes. The world is your playing field and your mind is your opponent. Parkour is a discipline that can be practiced in a completely individualistic manner, but it doesn't have to be.


Not only is parkour about finding places to train or moves to try, but also it is about tapping into the creative side of yourself. Exploration helps us learn our capabilities and areas of improvement. It also helps us find fun and creative ways to approach various obstacles, whether they be physical or otherwise.

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